"Dinner with Dickens" on Nov. 28 at Renowned Omni Parker House


As the holiday season arrives, take an evening with Charles Dickens at the historically literary Omni Parker House. Dickens was in America on a lecture tour in the late 1860s, and stayed at the Omni Parker House - the location of the famed Saturday Club - during his time in Boston. He read his now beloved holiday classic, "A Christmas Carol," aloud at the Tremont Temple next door (you can find out more in our "A Christmas Carol in Boston" post), but recited it first to friends and peers at the hotel.

In honor of the occasion 150 years ago, on Tuesday, November 28 the Omni Parker Hotel will be hosting a five course Victorian meal. Actor and descendant of Charles Dickens Gerald Roderick Charles Dickens will perform "A Christmas Carol" to those in attendance.

Tickets are $125. More information can be found here.