New Stuff: Make Way for Ducklings: A Storytime Story

Have you noticed the new addition in North Market at Quincy Market? Head to the corner nearest where the old Central Artery used to travel overhead (that reference might be a little too dated, sorry) and you’ll find a new children’s book shop, Make Way for Ducklings. Owned by the same Roslindale couple that owns the World’s Only Curious George Store in Harvard Square, Adam and Jamie Hirsch have opened a “destination store” that not only sells the beloved Boston favorite, Make Way for Ducklings, but other kids books by local authors, lit-themed clothing, puzzles, games, and more. They also host community storytimes. It looks like they have a one year lease on the store, but considering the location and the market need for more children’s bookstores in the urban area, it could be around for a while.