New Stuff: Papercuts JP

A new bookstore has opened! Papercuts JP is a new indie store in (you guessed it) Jamaica Plain, opened by Kate Layte, formerly of the bookselling and publishing world. Here’s some context from a great Boston Magazine article: “The phrase ‘great things come in small packages’ certainly applies to Papercuts, which occupies a 500-square-foot space near the intersection of Green and Centre streets. High ceilings, hardwood floors, and homey decor including works by local artists make the space cozy and inviting. A holiday section is decorated with construction paper. ‘I love paper crafts,’ Layte explained. The name of the bookstore comes partially from the book Paper Cut by Owen Gildersleeve, one of several of Layte’s favorite books visitors will find around the store. Layte, who says she is anti-genre, has already stocked the shelves with all sorts of gems. Starting out with about 3,500 titles, Papercuts has fiction, nonfiction, science and nature, art and design, humor, cookbooks, graphic novels, kids’ books, local books, poetry, biography and autobiography, and more. Some of these only fill half a shelf, but that’s where Layte’s expert eye comes in.” Papercuts JP is located at 5 Green Street.