New Poe Statue in Poe Square

Installing a statue of Edgar Allan Poe in Poe Square, the area of his birthplace (you’ll know it as the corner of Charles and Boylston, a few steps from Emerson’s Piano Row), has been a project that’s been going on for a while, and you never knew if it was going to become a reality. It has! The Poe Statue – or, more accurately known as “Poe Returning to Boston” – was dedicated on October 5, 2014 to a crowd of 150 people, according to The Globe. Though Poe’s relationship with Boston was as cold as a New England January, the ties are undeniable: Poe was born here and spent his early years here, and then returned here as a young man, publishing his first book of poetry here. The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston did a great job of pushing this project through, and artist Stefanie Rocknak created a beautiful statue.