Writers' Room of Boston "No-Show" Gala November 18


The Writers' Room of Boston is hosting their inaugural "No-Show" Gala on Saturday, November 18 from 7:00-10:00pm. In lieu of traditional fundraisers - where you get dressed to the nines, show up, socialize, and sit through series of speakers - the Writers' Room is hosting a gala that they don't want you to come to (hint: there IS no gala - read on for the twist). Rather, they will be hosting a series of "events" online for attendees to enjoy, including Writers' Room members reading their original works, and works by Edgar Allan Poe. Tickets are $25; "tables" are $200. Find out more information at their EventBrite page.

The Writers' Room of Boston is "an urban writers’ retreat committed to providing a quiet, affordable, and secure workspace for emerging and established writers," located on State Street in Downtown. Learn more at their website.