The Mental Preparation for Writing

"There is the proposition that writers, when even thinking about their writing, are at work.  Though writing is, of course, the actual act, a writer cannot come to the keyboard without the proper preparation.  It would be like trying to get up off of the coach and go pitch a major league game.  While writers can exercise and train in the physical act of writing, such as baseball pitchers must actively exercise and train in simulation on the field, writers differ in that our preparation comes in the form of mental work.  Whatever we’re working on, whether it be an essay, an article, a story, or a novel, we must deliberately think about how to put the pieces together, think about how to align the argument, think about our story’s structure.  There must be a time of mental preparation beforehand.  There must be times of silence.  There must be times of waiting.  There must be times of imagination.  There must be these times before a word is ever written."

- Jessica A. Kent